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Beluga Lentils? Black Mushrooms? Roasted Leeks?

Who would put together a dinner featuring these ingredients? You guessed it. Beluga Lentils with Black Mushrooms and Mirepoix — note: the green beans was a last-minute add. Roasted Leeks with Beet Horseradish Cream This lovely California Carignane/Grenache blend was … Continue reading

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Winter Vegetable Soup

We made a superb vegetable soup that was symbolic of the wintry weather recently. Actually, my wife created the soup. My role was much smaller: just preparing the Cavolo Nero and the Cannellini Beans, and adding a little color with … Continue reading

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Flowers in Winter

New England winter weather can be pretty bleak at times, so when my wife is able to show off her skills with blossoming flowers this time of year, it is a special treat. Here are two examples of brilliant colors … Continue reading

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Italian Flag for Breakfast

My breakfasts are fairly simple. I usually toast or pan-fry a slice or two of my sourdough bread and then smear some Trader Joe’s organic hummus on it. With a few sprinkles of Lebanese Za’atar, the toast is complete. I … Continue reading

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Two Suppers: one ad hoc, the other, more elaborate

Sometimes when I start cooking, I have no idea where I am going with it. Last night’s supper is the perfect example. It was an “off” night. Each of us was going to a separate event in the evening, and … Continue reading

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Homemade Fettuccine with Lobster Meat

My recipe for the pasta dough was 1 large egg, 75 grams of “00” Caputo Double-Zero flour, and 16 grams of Durum flour, freshly-milled from Durum wheat berries. My fish supplier (Sven Fish) had a special price last week with … Continue reading

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The Bread Gets Better and Better

Ever since I studied the techniques of The Regular Chef for making Tartine-style sourdough, making bread has become most gratifying. Small tweaks to the method in the last two batches have produced the best results ever. This time I added … Continue reading

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Random Plates

Sometimes I have a few photos that are worth looking at, but I don’t have a story for them, or enough for one blog post. This evening I will post them here as “Random Plates” (even though one of them … Continue reading

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