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Food and Flowers Fotos

Aside from the alliteration, this post provides a short photo essay of some recent dishes and decorations. Beet salad with watercress, pistachios, Brique de Brebis Basque sheep milk cheese, and tomato Moroccan style shrimp & tomatoes grated beet salad with … Continue reading

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Flowers in Winter

New England winter weather can be pretty bleak at times, so when my wife is able to show off her skills with blossoming flowers this time of year, it is a special treat. Here are two examples of brilliant colors … Continue reading

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Talented Lady

My wife has a great many talents. With this short post, I will celebrate two of them: FLOWERS Most of you are probably familiar with Christmas Cactus, a common houseplant. Well, ours are actually Thanksgiving Cacti, and they are in … Continue reading

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Fine Pasta Lunch in Less than 30 Minutes

Most packaged dry pastas cook in about 12 minutes or less. Last week I was able to do a delicious pasta lunch from scratch very quickly. Ingredients 170 g Penne pasta from La Dolda (or any good short pasta) chopped … Continue reading

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Pasta Plenty

We always have a group of pasta dishes in any given week, and this one was no different. The comfort food for one dinner was pasta shells baked with mushrooms and cheeses, crispy and full of flavor, but not too … Continue reading

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The Versatility of Salads

As I’ve written before, traditional salads don’t interest me much. On the other hand, there are occasions and ways in which I take full advantage of how versatile and easy to prepare salads can be. Here are three examples this … Continue reading

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Food and Pop Art

Adobe has recently released several new iPhone/Android apps, with fascinating filters to jazz up one’s photos.  I played around with these apps and our food adventures, and I’m happy to share them with you in this post. Lilies of the … Continue reading

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Weekend Meals, Back Home (Part 2)

The rest of the weekend was equally interesting from a food and wine standpoint, too.  Sunday’s first photo-op, however, was a flower, not food.  Barbara had nursed her two large Amaryllis bulbs all Winter (in fact, in my wine cellar).  … Continue reading

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Midnight Snack: Bruschetta with Friends

Sometimes I need a midnight snack.   Peanut butter or Cheez-Its don’t do the trick.  Tonight was one of the more elaborate versions — satisfying my hunger, desire for favorite foods, and restoring delightful flavors to my mouth before bedtime.  It … Continue reading

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Seasonal Flowers

We have been keeping a couple of dozen flowering cacti plants for a number of years now.  They spend October to May in the small greenhouse at the end of our living room.  In the Spring and Summer, we move … Continue reading

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