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Old North Bridge – the tour by grandsons

Not everything I do is about food.  Yesterday I was given the Grand Tour of a beautiful place — Old North Bridge in Concord, MA.  The tour guides are exceptionally well-qualified; my two grandsons go there almost every week with … Continue reading

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Vegan Pre-Irene Dinner

So, how does a vegan spend the day before a large tropical storm arrives? In my case, he gets up early, goes to the farmer’s market in town, then to the greengrocer for remaining items, and lays it all out … Continue reading

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Vegan Delights: Grilled Polenta and Bunapi Mushrooms

While we are on the subject of open-faced sandwiches, here is a variation you get when you cross Northern Italian cuisine (grilled polenta) with Japanese mycology (Bunapi Shimeji) and Spanish wine (Gine Priorat rose).  The flavors are rich and delicious. … Continue reading

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Vegan Delights: Open-Faced Sandwiches

On our first trip to Europe (1968), we discovered the joys of open-faced sandwiches in Copenhagen: colorful, flavorful combinations of food and well-textured bread combined to create delicious and easy-to-eat simple meals.  They were ideal lunches, and were beautifully adapted … Continue reading

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Tartine Olive Bread

Back for a few days on the island, my starter culture had adapted to the local flora, so it was time to make another batch of Tartine bread, this time with olives.  Fortunately, I had brought some luscious Provencal oil-cured … Continue reading

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The Party’s Over….

…but it sure was fun!  My deepest thanks to family, friends and The Steep Canyon Rangers, who made this the best birthday celebration ever. The food and wine were a raving success, for vegans, vegetarians, Kosherians, and omnivorians alike.  (Some … Continue reading

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My Homemade Tartine Bread….amazing!

Among the people I most admire are those who master complex skills and knowledge from the ground up, yet never lose touch with how to explain the process clearly to folks who have not had their experiences.  In my world, … Continue reading

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One answer to “Why did you become a Vegan?”….

In song…. By Papa John Kolstad and Wildman Mike Turk.     Beans Taste Fine        

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