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Food and Flowers Fotos

Aside from the alliteration, this post provides a short photo essay of some recent dishes and decorations. Beet salad with watercress, pistachios, Brique de Brebis Basque sheep milk cheese, and tomato Moroccan style shrimp & tomatoes grated beet salad with … Continue reading

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Tartine-Style Country Loaf Sourdough

I’ve been making Tartine sourdough breads for 12 years, but it’s only in the last 9 months that the quality and consistency has been what I hoped to achieve. The main reason for this success is a guy named Charlie … Continue reading

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The Bread Gets Better and Better

Ever since I studied the techniques of The Regular Chef for making Tartine-style sourdough, making bread has become most gratifying. Small tweaks to the method in the last two batches have produced the best results ever. This time I added … Continue reading

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Sourdough Again, with a Slight Adjustment

Now that I seem to have my sourdough starter and dough development technique under control, I decided to try a small variation on my basic Tartine Bread Country Loaf. The normal recipe calls for 900 grams of Bread Flour and … Continue reading

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Gravlax for the New Year

In keeping with our pescatarian theme, we started the new year with an old favorite, Gravlax. This Swedish invention for curing fish is a marvelous invention: tasty, versatile, can be part of almost any meal, and it’s not that hard … Continue reading

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Lunch with an Old Friend Yesterday, Dinner Alone Today

Carol has been a good friend for 37 years, but it has been awhile since we’d seen each other. That was remedied yesterday when she came over for lunch. The menu choices were selected around vegetables and good breads. She … Continue reading

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Ten Meals for the Last Two Weeks in February

February is the shortest month, but it provided plenty of opportunity for my favorite foods. Rather than creating separate posts for each item, I offer this shortened version of the highlights during the last two weeks. Sourdough Bread – Field … Continue reading

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Last Breads of 2021

If my notes are complete, I baked sourdough bread 17 times last year; that’s 34 loaves. A few days before New Year, I decided to go out in a blaze of glory, and also do some compare and contrast with … Continue reading

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Sourdough, Mushrooms, Polenta, Scylla

Sourdough is always handy. One or two slices can be breakfast or lunch, a snack or a dinner component. This post features sourdough toast with “wild mushrooms” (Chanterelles), followed by a polenta dish that evening. The polenta was made into … Continue reading

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Recurring Vegetable Leftovers

I have difficulty discarding perfectly good leftovers, even after having had them several times in different forms. Early in April I made two favorite French recipes for a dinner, Zucchini Tomato Gratin and Roast Proven├žal Tomatoes. We finished the tomatoes … Continue reading

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