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The Bounty of Late August…

One of the great joys of late August in New England in the rich bounty of ripe vegetables and fruits at their peak conditions. If there is a tagline to this post, it would say, “how you cook it makes … Continue reading

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Tartine Einkorn Bread

I’ve been happily making my standard sourdough breads every three or four weeks for much of this year, so I recently decided to explore some new breads. Chad Robertson’s Tartine Book No. 3 has been on my shelf for some … Continue reading

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Clams and Linguine

I had a hankering for clams this weekend, so I bought a pound of Littlenecks (along with other seafood) on Saturday at New Deal Fish Market in Cambridge. As always, the quality was excellent. So Sunday’s lunch was relatively simple: … Continue reading

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Georgian Wine with a Cabbage and Onion Torta

We had a large head of cabbage taking up a lot of space in the refrigerator for more than a week, so I was motivated to find a way to use it soon. Barbara’s go-to dish for cabbage is cole … Continue reading

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Express Post: Baked Leftover Vegetables with Montasio Cheese

I had some leftover vegetables from a rice dish made a few days earlier, so I combined them with sourdough croutons and grated Montasio cheese to make a crispy baked vegetable dish. Again, the wine was a rosé from Puglia. … Continue reading

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Farro and Vegetables

I think Farro is a superb grain. Substantive, flavorful, just chewy enough, and it goes with almost everything. Last week I cooked some with a mess of vegetables for dinner, and it was great. Here is my list of ingredients: … Continue reading

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