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Quick Culinary Excursion — Another Pasta Dish

Most often my daytime menu is driven by two forces in the kitchen: available ingredients desired cookware Today’s Sunday lunch was a good example.  It started with a relatively new cast iron skillet I purchased recently from Food52 and was … Continue reading

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Another Saturday Lunch, Three Weeks Ago

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that on Saturday mornings when my wife is off doing other things, I have two major activities: take the garbage out to the town facility play with my food … Continue reading

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Walking Down the Driveway in February

February in New England can be very cold, very warm, or a little of both.  Late last month, I walked down the driveway for the mail, and I was struck by the dramatic skies and scenery around me.

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Sometimes, we go out to eat…

While I’m posting today, I may as well relate a story about an excellent meal we had one night when we went out to eat locally — a relatively rare occasion.  Not only did we eat out, but we also … Continue reading

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World Class Leftovers?…. and Saturday Lunch

We are sometimes accused of having world-class leftovers in our fridge.  While there may be some truth in that, I can assure you that those leftovers — in their natural habitat — look anything but “world-class”.  For example, here are … Continue reading

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