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Just a Few Photos

Once in a great while, I don’t write about food. Instead, I offer you a few photos which summarize the mood at home as we end the holiday weekend, and play with my Hipstamatic app on the iPhone.

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In Praise of Homemade Tonnarelli

Now that tonnarelli has been firmly established as one of the most favored shapes in my pasta repertoire, I want to share with you two recent dishes. The first was very simple; pasta made with sautéed julienned vegetables — zucchini, … Continue reading

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Biba’s Green Tea Tonnarelli

Once of the most unusual recipes I found this year was Biba Caggiano’s Green Tea Tonnarelli with Shrimp and Candies Cherry Tomatoes. The recipe was from Biba’s Italy, a cookbook of hers I bought 15 years ago but which I … Continue reading

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Using What You’ve Got

One day last week, when I was cooking for myself, I opened the refrigerator and found mostly odds and ends of ingredients, but nothing that suggested a traditional meal. Among the items I needed to use before they went bad … Continue reading

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Vegetable Garden Soup

In the previous post I mentioned the Romagnolis. Franco and Margaret were my earliest teachers of the joys of Cucina Italiana. One of their lesser-known cookbooks is Zuppa!, and that was the source of a simple and delicious vegetable soup … Continue reading

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Ravioli – Cannelloni – Chanukah

Chanukah arrived early this year, which provided a couple of good occasions for making and enjoying fresh pasta. The feature ingredients were fresh-picked spinach from Small Farm and Kite Hill Almond Milk Ricotta from Whole Foods. The 8th and last … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous November Highlights in Our Kitchen

Just for the record, here are the previously-unpublished best dishes of the month, with and without animal protein. Vegetarian. Seafood

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White-Tailed Deer in November

Whether it be woods, parks, or suburbs, most anywhere in Massachusetts, you will see white-tailed deer in November. Opinions vary significantly on whether this is a good thing or not. Pros: they look cute, they are good targets for hunting, … Continue reading

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Lunch with Friends in Maine

We have close friends who live in Portland, ME. It’s about a 2-hour drive to go there, so we don’t go often. A better solution is often to meet halfway, which is usually Portsmouth, NH. When we decided to get … Continue reading

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Another Take on Spanish Octopus

Here is Chef John’s approach, which I recently applied to 4 octopus legs from New Deal Fish Market: and the full recipe is here: I made this for lunch one afternoon, as shown below.

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