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Tartine Bread Redux

Redux: from Latin, from reducere ‘bring back’. I started making sourdough bread in 2011.  As I’ve described in previous posts, Chad Robertson’s book, Tartine, was my bible for the first few years.  It was also a favorite since I had … Continue reading

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Antipasto for Lunch, Herbed Artichoke Galette for Dinner, and Black Peppercorns for Everything

Antipasto I had defrosted the second loaf from my last batch of 40% Whole Wheat Bread, so it was time for Bruschetta at lunch.  One recipe that caught my eye recently was Bruschetta Bianca from the Union Square Cafe cookbook.  … Continue reading

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Grilled Basque Ham and Cheese, Capri-Style Chocolate Walnut Torte

My thing is lunches, Barbara is the reigning expert on desserts. Two recent examples: I made a grilled cheese and ham sandwich lunch the other day.  It was Basque-inspired, using a sheep milk cheese from the Basque region in France, … Continue reading

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Ikarian Baked Vegetables, Improved

We’ve been reading and cooking with the book, Blue Zones Kitchen.  It’s interesting reading, contains some good recipes, and it fits well with all we have learned about healthy food and lifestyles in the past 10 years and more.  We … Continue reading

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Random Post During Quarantine

Sometimes I worry I’m about to go past my expiration date.  That thought occurred to me a few days ago, when Barbara noticed a very large bird in a tree alongside our driveway.  “Looks like a raptor of some sort,” … Continue reading

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New Pasta Dish, but No Food Photos

Sometimes I get so absorbed in whatever I am cooking that I forget (or don’t have time) to take any photos.  This was pretty much the case last night at dinner. Things started simply enough.  I was inspired by a … Continue reading

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Bread. Pizza. Paella.

All the basic food groups.  Making and eating these provide some of our very best comfort foods.  And they’re pretty healthy, too.  Let me share these dishes from the past few days. Bread I’ve been making two different breads with … Continue reading

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