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The Staff of Life

It’s a good thing that I’ve always been on good terms with gluten and carbohydrates. So many of my favorite foods come from wheat berries. As I look over the material I have about cooking and the foods for this … Continue reading

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Talented Lady

My wife has a great many talents. With this short post, I will celebrate two of them: FLOWERS Most of you are probably familiar with Christmas Cactus, a common houseplant. Well, ours are actually Thanksgiving Cacti, and they are in … Continue reading

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Little Whale Oyster Bar

Like its sister restaurant, Select Oyster, Little Whale is an attractive, focused eatery with some very fine seafood, and located in Back Bay, Boston. I tried it out this past week — just for variety — and I liked it. … Continue reading

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As the summer drew to a close with the warm days we had in November, it seemed appropriate to have one more of the wonderful baked vegetable dishes we enjoy with nature’s bounty. This one is called “Tourlou”, and it … Continue reading

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Porcini-Infused Pasta with Vegetables

Recently, I have had success with my homemade pastas. Some of the more creative ventures involved adding flavors, using porcini powder or unsweetened cocoa to the flour mixture. Here is a short story of the second time I tried the … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

This has been a particularly beautiful Autumn season. The colors are spectacular and enduring. I just want to share some of it with you, my readers.

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Small Plates

Tapas. Merende. Meze. Merienda. Antipasto. Whether it be Spain or Portugal, Italy or Greece, France or Turkey — throughout the Mediterranean, these countries have the delightful tradition of small plates and in-between meals. More and more I’m finding that I … Continue reading

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Warm Cannellini Beans with Radicchio and Pecorino

This is an adaptation of a Ranch Gordo recipe, substituting “Marcella” cannellini beans for the cranberry beans in the original post. I love cannellini beans, and especially the “Marcella” dry beans from Ranch Gordo, named in honor of Marcella Hazan. … Continue reading

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Back in the Groove with Sourdough Breads

Back in mid-July I shared my experience restoring the ability to make sourdough breads with good “oven spring” and appealing crumb structure. You can find the story in my post: Repeat Performances. I’m delighted to report that I just repeated … Continue reading

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Another Wonderful Risotto – Zucchini and Tomatoes

Rich, flavorful, and easy-to-make vegetarian risotti are not so common. Here is one, and it’s another of the superb recipes from Judith Barrett. I did not have Fontina cheese available, so I used mozzarella instead. The results were absolutely delicious. … Continue reading

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