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Spinach and Rice Soup

This simple soup is a classic in Italian cuisine. I believe its origins are in Piemonte, but I suspect it can be found fairly broadly in Northern Italian cooking. I’ve made different versions before, but this one from Marcella Hazan … Continue reading

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This relatively obscure pasta shape is becoming my favorite fresh pasta. What is unique about it is that, when I roll out the sheet of pasta, I don’t roll it anywhere near as thin as I do with other shapes. … Continue reading

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Really? What is that? How often do I write about any foods from Germany and Austria? Almost never, is the answer. But last week, Barbara found an article in the latest Fine Cooking, and it intrigued both of us. I … Continue reading

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Soup ‘n Salad

But not the usual stuff. My wife makes superb composed salads, and then matches them with a simple, elegant, and delicious tomato soup, as shown below. The soup was a Marcella Hazan recipe, with just tomatoes and butter. These were … Continue reading

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Pasta with Mushrooms, Baked Squash Gratin

You already know I love mushrooms. Here’s a dish with Oyster Mushrooms from Fat Moon and sautéed Shiitakes, served with thinly-sliced and baked zucchini, summer squash, and tomato gratin. Best of all was the wine selection: a Cabernet Franc from … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Paella

So far, January has been a marvelous month for cooking. One of the best dishes was inspired by the food blog, Lemons + Anchovies. It was a vegetarian paella dish, and it called for all of the ingredients I had … Continue reading

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Farro and Bean Soup of Abruzzo

In 1984 Joyce Goldstein launched one of my favorite restaurants, Square One, in San Francisco. That was a decade when I was frequently in the Bay Area, for both business and pleasure, and I enjoyed her cooking and the style … Continue reading

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2021 All Pasta Review

While we’re wrapping up last year and reveling in our favorite carbohydrates, I thought I would offer the Pasta Year in Review via a 2:47-minute video with Vivaldi for audio accompaniment. It was a good year for Pasta, and I … Continue reading

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Last Breads of 2021

If my notes are complete, I baked sourdough bread 17 times last year; that’s 34 loaves. A few days before New Year, I decided to go out in a blaze of glory, and also do some compare and contrast with … Continue reading

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New Year, New Meals, and a Corsican Wine

My first day of the new year turned out to be a fine day for revised approaches to favorite dishes. The surprise was that they were anchored by a rosé from Corsica. For lunch I decided to select a jar … Continue reading

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