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In Beijing…

So far the visit to Beijing has been marvelous.  Warm hospitality from our hosts, excellent food (Peking Duck, abalone, Kung Pao chicken, traditional Beijing noodle dishes, etc.), and an impressive visit to The Great Wall. photo by Aaron, Great Wall … Continue reading

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Dinner Highlights — Allusions to Venice

Some days are better than others.  Today was one of the better ones, in spite of the snow that reappeared just as the last piles were melting from the grass. Of course, the topic is food, and I’m speaking particularly … Continue reading

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Working Lunch

Tim’s first draft of his Master’s thesis had been on my desk for some time now, so today is the day I tackle reading and editing. On the other hand, it is Saturday, and I have the kitchen all to … Continue reading

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Barbara Weiss Quilts

Barbara’s quilting is more amazing every day.  More people are inquiring about her work, so I thought I would publish a list of websites that feature some of her masterpieces. Here is the list: Web Pages featuring Barbara Weiss Quilts … Continue reading

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Colour and Camouflage

Today’s photos provide a contrast between the brilliant colors of Barbara’s quilt material and the natural camouflage possessed by the deer in our woods.

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