Working Lunch

Tim’s first draft of his Master’s thesis had been on my desk for some time now, so today is the day I tackle reading and editing.

On the other hand, it is Saturday, and I have the kitchen all to myself, so it is a Working Lunch.  Tim: sorry for a few drops of wine on page 24.

We have some good leftover roast chicken, but I decided on another plan.  Turns out that I had a lovely piece of yellowfin tuna I needed to cook, plus some new condiments from, including wicked good sun dried tomatoes and Colatura, a concentrated juice of salted anchovies.

So lunch was;
Great quality organic spaghetti with garlic, sun dried tomatoes, hot pepper and colatura

Seared tuna with a crust of Trapani sea salt crystals, black, chipotle and Maras peppers and finely-ground espresso beans

Oltrepo Pavese Bonarda

Luciano Pavarotti recording of La Traviata

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1 Response to Working Lunch

  1. Tim Vasil says:

    Looks delicious; hopefully you’ll find the thesis draft as palatable! Let me know if you need a new printout of page 24 😉

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