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Eye Candy, Food and Wine Department

These are some of my favorite photos from July’s food and wine adventures. Wine and Small Plates with Friends Snapshots  

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Grilled Octopus for Lunch, Briam for Dinner

This is another post in an abbreviated form, so you can gain the essence of the experience quickly and extract what is useful to you. Lunch was Grilled Octopus, combined with white beans, red onion, rouille, and flying fish roe … Continue reading

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Trying Something Different #2

Here’s a quickie that demonstrates several of my current favorite food elements: sourdough bread, octopus, homemade pasta, cheese, wine, and olive oil. My Sourdough Bread with Octopus, Chickpeas and Halloumi Homemade Fettuccine with Vegetables That was lunch. Dinner that night … Continue reading

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Trying Something Different

I want to try out a new approach for some of my blog posts. Rather than attempt to tell a story along with our cooking, I will just post one or more dishes with a short description and, perhaps, a … Continue reading

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Seafood Season

It must be seafood season; these days and nights, I find myself attracted to so many foods that I am eager to combine with my favorite vegetables and grains. As a result you will find my sharing a number of … Continue reading

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Anniversary Dinner at Pammy’s

My wife and I have been married for 56 years. One of our favorite ways of celebrating this event has often been dining out at a great restaurant. Of course, we both appreciate the chance to have superb food, and … Continue reading

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