Grilled Octopus for Lunch, Briam for Dinner

This is another post in an abbreviated form, so you can gain the essence of the experience quickly and extract what is useful to you.

Lunch was Grilled Octopus, combined with white beans, red onion, rouille, and flying fish roe (Tobiko in Japanese), flavored with Wasabi (spicy horseradish used with sushi).

For the octopus salad I chose a Ligurian white wine that went nicely.

As I often do, my larger meal — dinner — is vegetarian or vegan, following a lunch that might feature animal protein in moderate quantities. Briam is a Greek baked vegetable dish I make often, with whatever veggies are available/are most appealing.

An easy way to make the meal complete is to open a package of “Seeds of Change” organic Quinoa and Brown Rice, to serve with the veggies. This package takes 90 seconds in the microwave, it tastes good, and it’s healthy — a hard-to-beat combination. It’s a study in contrasts that I will happily spend three days preparing my octopus dish or several hours making my fresh pasta, and on the other hand I’m totally fine with a package from BJs Wholesale Club that cooks in a minute and a half.

A good, young Greek wine was a delicious match for the Briam.

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