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Johnny’s Brown

A very pretty fish.  Should be added to post below…

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Trout Fishing in Colorado

When I was growing up in suburban New Jersey, I used to dream of trout fishing in Colorado.  Over the years my youngest brother listened to my fantasies, and 40 years ago he decided to try it out.  He loved … Continue reading

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49th College Reunion

What could be more exciting than the 49th college reunion for a small group of men who graduated from an engineering school specializing in naval architecture and marine engineering in 1963?  Especially when that special event occurred on an island … Continue reading

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Wine 317 – Southern Italian wines

One of the great joys of summer is the arrival of Aaron and his friends on the island, for our annual wine tasting event.  What began as Wine 101 one evening many years ago has progressed through various stages, to … Continue reading

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Simple cooking is often the best.  Summertime and the abundance of fresh vegetables call out for dishes like Cianfotta — a Southern Italian country-style vegetable stew.  The launching point was a fine cookbook from my library by Viana La Place … Continue reading

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Recalling July and August….

The past six weeks have been a blur — did lots, wrote very little, as you know.  But, I am back home, rested and ready to recall some of the highlights of my food and other adventures.  This post will … Continue reading

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