Wine 317 – Southern Italian wines

One of the great joys of summer is the arrival of Aaron and his friends on the island, for our annual wine tasting event.  What began as Wine 101 one evening many years ago has progressed through various stages, to a four-day food and wine / family and friends celebration.  This year was particularly special since Sarah, Nathan, and the D Boys were also visiting at the same time.  Our wine focus was on 14 wines — mostly of Southern Italy, where Aaron and I had been (Puglia and a touch of Basilicata) this Spring.  For good measure, I threw in a couple of older Bordeaux wines from my cellar.

One of the new members of the club is Patrick, a friend of Jeremy.  His creativity was inspired one afternoon, when he looked at our cottage and associated shack from the vantage point of our main deck.  He envisioned Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World painting from that landscape, and then enlisted Molly as the model for his own replica.  The resulting compare-and-contrast image, below, is astonishing:

It’s difficult to capture the energy, good humor, and fine tastes of these young people in electronic media, but a few photos and a video will give you some idea of the occasion.  Thanks for the photos by Kara, Ashley, Molly, Patrick and Sarah.

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1 Response to Wine 317 – Southern Italian wines

  1. Judy Seinfeld says:

    Sounds like a divine time……I hope you’ll invite me again next year and hope I can make it!!!

    Continue having fun.



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