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Cicoria e aglio

If you really want to understand the essence of food I love best, accompany me on my short visit to Southern Italy this afternoon (1-3 PM).  The meal begins last night with a brief excursion through Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in … Continue reading

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Sunday Lunch

I often think that lunches are my favorite meals.  I have time to create and experiment; I’ve just been to the farmers markets; I can have wine with lunch and nap afterward; and I can do the dishes hours later. … Continue reading

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A Great Dinner at the Home of Friends

Saturday night we had a special treat: a colleague and friend invited us to a marvelous dinner at her home.  Even better was the opportunity to get to know the family for the first time — kindred spirits in food … Continue reading

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From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

OK, sports fans, it’s time for something different tonight.  I was flipping through one of my favorite old photo/cookbooks, A Taste of France by Robert Freson (printed 30 years ago).  First, I found exactly what I wanted — a Tian … Continue reading

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Cianfotta again

“Cianfotta is a golden, glowing vegetable stew”, is the introduction to one of my favorite recipes from Viana LaPlace.  And it is, indeed, just that. Since today was Labor Day, relaxed and rainy, it was an opportunity to cook as … Continue reading

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