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Food Conversations with My Body

Some days I wake up with the knowledge that today will not be all vegan or vegetarian.  Fortunately, my body and I have a good relationship after all these years.  Therefore, we have conversations like this: ” How do you … Continue reading

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Too Seriously?

Sometimes folks like me are so enthusiastic and effusive about food and wine and our beliefs about what to eat (or not) that some of you may think we take ourselves (and our subject) too seriously.  This post — with … Continue reading

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Salads in the Snow

I used to dislike salads.  In the 1940’s and 50’s, when I was growing up, salad was a pretty dull affair.  Iceberg lettuce was the norm (probably shipped by rail from California to New York), and if you were lucky, … Continue reading

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Wisdom from Sid Caesar

The great comedian, Sid Caesar, died this week at 91.  He was a comic genius and a great entertainer, but he went through some very difficult personal challenges over many years.  Having survived those troubled times, he had this to … Continue reading

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Fiendish Plot

Sometimes we foodies take ourselves (and our food) too seriously.  To alleviate that problem, I offer this cartoon to help us relax.  More food and wine coming soon.

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Food Humor from the Internet

Here are a couple of recent favorites.  Enjoy!  

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Ode to George Lang

I don’t have many heroes, but if I was ever inspired by an individual’s story, character, humor, accomplishments, lust for life — and yes, food — George Lang would be one of those heroes. Last year, not long after I … Continue reading

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New York again…just for food, drink and walking

With Barbara off to Seattle last weekend, and since I was starting my second week as a vegan, I drove back to Gotham for a two-day expedition of some favorite activities.  There were three main objectives: have dinner with David … Continue reading

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This magical piece of paper is not falling into the trash can; it is hovering — motionless — above it, after I attempted to throw it away.  I suspect you don’t believe me, so I am providing further evidence of … Continue reading

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Nairobi Trio

Is there anyone over 60 who does not remember Ernie Kovacs’ Nairobi Trio?  Is there anyone over 60 who reads this blog? Anyway, here is that marvelous skit via YouTube.

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