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Return to NYC for Two Days of Food Exploration

Having grown up in New York City, I’ve always been comfortable going back there for several days to enjoy the diversity and treasures of the Big Apple. One or two trips a year — just for food, wine, and friends … Continue reading

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Snow is the Topic, Not Food

In a departure from our usual programming, I thought is would be fun to feature the remarkable snow scenes we have had in the past few weeks. Living in Central Massachusetts for 51 years, we’ve become accustomed to substantial snowstorms … Continue reading

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Risotto Wednesday, Lasagna Roll-Ups Thursday

We are blessed with so many ways to make wonderful pasta and rice dishes! Here are just two most recent examples. Leeks and Scallop Risotto with Saffron Since I accidentally managed to have two open packages of Carnaroli rice, I … Continue reading

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Sourdough Again, with a Slight Adjustment

Now that I seem to have my sourdough starter and dough development technique under control, I decided to try a small variation on my basic Tartine Bread Country Loaf. The normal recipe calls for 900 grams of Bread Flour and … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Dinner

We were very much in the mood for vegetables one night, so I explored the refrigerator and came up with an attractive and healthful dinner. No recipes this time, just taking each vegetable and cooking it in a way that … Continue reading

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Prosciutto-Wrapped Sole Fillets

We had some uncooked fresh sole fillets from a recent dinner, so I decided to make a simple, quick lunch by wrapping them in prosciutto and sautéing them in a nonstick pan. This time I substituted Swiss Chard for Arugula, … Continue reading

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Buttery Pasta with Lemon and Almonds

A couple of weeks ago, Melissa Clark posted an attractive dish in the New York Times Cooking website, so I gave it a try. We didn’t have Arugula, so I used Spinach instead. It worked out beautifully, especially with the … Continue reading

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Gravlax for the New Year

In keeping with our pescatarian theme, we started the new year with an old favorite, Gravlax. This Swedish invention for curing fish is a marvelous invention: tasty, versatile, can be part of almost any meal, and it’s not that hard … Continue reading

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Year-End Seafood Splurge

Since I am not bound by the timing around Christmas, I chose to do my Seven Fishes extravaganza over a few days at the end of the year. The seafood was purchased during the past week from two key suppliers, … Continue reading

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