Snow is the Topic, Not Food

In a departure from our usual programming, I thought is would be fun to feature the remarkable snow scenes we have had in the past few weeks. Living in Central Massachusetts for 51 years, we’ve become accustomed to substantial snowstorms in winter. In fact, not that long ago, the annual snowfall in this area used to average about 10 feet. Global warming has whittled that average down quite a bit, but heavy, wet snows have dusted our landscape this month with regularity.

One of those storms — just a week ago — managed to knock out power and internet to more than half of our town for about 24 hours, That means that most of our homes had no heat, water, telephone service (except for those with a wired landline), or internet service. Even cell phones are unusable in some areas (like our house).

Fortunately, one can still take photos (click on each photo in the gallery to see the full picture)…..

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