Eye Candy, Food and Wine Department

These are some of my favorite photos from July’s food and wine adventures.

Wine and Small Plates with Friends

the Main Event
what’s to eat…
broiled zucchini and plum tomato and Feta cheese
Impossible Burger Meatballs
grilled eggplant with herb and Portuguese vinegar
My sourdough bread, Grilled with Oyster mushrooms and Manchego Cheese (OK, they’re a bit burned on the edges…)


Appetizer — mushrooms with garlic, parsley and chili pepper
excellent white wine from Campania
Oyster Mushrooms and one Chestnut
Bruschetta with Spicy Tuna Paté and Cucumbers, side order of sautéed veggies
Portuguese Spicy Tuna Paté from Portugalia
orange-fleshed honeydew melon
our cherry tomatoes, grown in pot on our deck
view on the top of my espresso machine
cucumber, tomato, radish, black olive chopped salad


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