Two Lunches

This weekend was dominated by the major snowstorm that blasted the Northeast. Fortunately, we were able to survive with little inconvenience, in spite of at least a foot of powdery new snow deposited all over our property. Even more important, I was able to prepare decent lunches on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday’s lunch featured some of the excellent leftovers from the salad Barbara made the day before, when our friend, Lynn, came to visit. There were her special deviled eggs (which I love), pieces of avocado, green beans, romaine lettuce, artichokes, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes, and a fine vinaigrette. To those goodies, I added some of my own idiosyncratic ingredients:

  • Swiss Chard ribs and Piquillo Peppers
  • julienned purple daikon radish, sliced red onion (both quick-pickled)
  • pan-fried Halloumi cheese
  • sautéed button mushrooms with garlic
  • toasted olive bread

Sunday morning was dedicated to snow removal. I rewarded my hard work with another of my tuna salads, in which I open a can of Lucas Portuguese Ventresca Tuna and then mix it up with all kinds of savory flavors — different each time I make it. Today’s list was as eclectic as ever:

It might look weird, but it tasted great! And the wine (2018 Bisson L’Antico Çimixá) is an absolute gem from Liguria. I enjoyed it with each meal Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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