Grilled Basque Ham and Cheese, Capri-Style Chocolate Walnut Torte

My thing is lunches, Barbara is the reigning expert on desserts.

Two recent examples: I made a grilled cheese and ham sandwich lunch the other day.  It was Basque-inspired, using a sheep milk cheese from the Basque region in France, and some prosciutto which was probably Italian, but could easily have been Basque as well.  For taste and color I added some chopped plum tomato and Basque guindilla peppers that were outstanding.

That night Barbara did her thing beautifully.  I have been looking for ways to enjoy our recent wealth of organic walnuts, so I researched walnut tortes of various kinds.  Several looked attractive, but when I consulted with her, the verdict was clear — it would be a chocolate walnut torte, popular traditionally from Capri, the isle off the coast of Naples.  The walnuts and I were very happy with the results.

Here is the recipe (vegan) from Cookstr:

Chocolate and Walnut Torte from Capri | Cookstr

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