In Praise of Homemade Tonnarelli

Now that tonnarelli has been firmly established as one of the most favored shapes in my pasta repertoire, I want to share with you two recent dishes. The first was very simple; pasta made with sautéed julienned vegetables — zucchini, carrot, and parsnip. Accompaniment was a large plate of salad, with mixed greens from Small Farm (including mizuna, mustard greens, and arugula) plus radicchios from Eataly (Castelfranco and Treviso).

The next version was focused on using up leftovers, specifically braised red cabbage (still…) and mini peppers, roasted with balsamic vinegar.

The wine was a real departure from all of the usual suspects. It was a 2021 Birichino Carignan from old vines in Lodi, California. The wine was made in the style of a Beaujolais nouveau, and it was delicious. You can read from the label more about the name the winemakers gave it.

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