Another Saturday Lunch, Three Weeks Ago

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that on Saturday mornings when my wife is off doing other things, I have two major activities:

  • take the garbage out to the town facility
  • play with my food

Saturday, February 25th was no exception. The garbage went pretty smoothly including recycle (paper, glass, plastic) and take it or leave it. When I got home I did several things in the food category.

The first step was to take my week-old loaf of bread made with Triticale grain and to run it through the slicing machine so I had nice, even slices that enable me to save some for home, as well as take some with me on my trip Monday. Next, I decided to work with some of my vegetables. I had a radicchio di Treviso and chose to braise that slowly in a pot with olive oil, and later, a little bit of salt and pepper and white wine. Following that I took a zucchine, sliced it up, started with some chopped onions — cooked until tender — then added a chopped up piece of chanterelle mushroom, and cooked it for a while until lightly browned. Finally, I added the zucchini slices and some oregano, salt, and pepper

When the zucchini were mostly tender, I added some white wine (twice in small amounts) and let it braise slowly until it was a little brown and very tender. I toasted my bread (two slices), spread the toast with a purée of almond milk ricotta and chopped Spanish black olives, and then topped with broccoli micro greens and the chopped up cooked radicchio.

To the salad I added the one hard-boiled egg, cut in quarters lengthwise, and a few pieces of pickled beets and pickled jalapeno peppers. Served it all with a glass of Lamezia (Gaglioppo) from Calabria.

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