Talented Lady

My wife has a great many talents. With this short post, I will celebrate two of them:

  1. makes flowers bloom magnificently
  2. cooks with creativity and finesse


Most of you are probably familiar with Christmas Cactus, a common houseplant. Well, ours are actually Thanksgiving Cacti, and they are in their glory right now. Barbara manages them with great skill. They are placed outside on our deck all Spring and Summer. Then she washes and trims them, brings the plants into the little greenhouse adjacent to our living room, and they pop into bloom in a variety of colors.

She also manages a small crew of helpers, who keep and eye on everything…


Five years ago we visited Campania for a week. There were many highlights of the trip. One of them was a simple vegetable soup served at the restaurant in the Hotel Santa Caterina, where we stayed in Amalfi. We enjoyed the soup so much that Barbara duplicated it in our kitchen when we returned, and she’s been serving ever since. Including tonight, which triggered this post.

Sometimes she improvises. Tonight’s surprise — which made it a complete and delicious supper — were perfect biscuits, hot out of the oven. Simple, and superb.

I will save the remaining list of talents for future posts, so as not to overwhelm my readers tonight.

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