The Bread Gets Better and Better

Ever since I studied the techniques of The Regular Chef for making Tartine-style sourdough, making bread has become most gratifying. Small tweaks to the method in the last two batches have produced the best results ever.

This time I added an extra 25 grams of fresh-milled rye flour and removed an equal amount of white bread flour. Two other changes: (1) went back up to 22 grams of Kosher salt (from 20 grams), and (2) cut the dough into just two loaves instead of three smaller ones and made them both boules.

Also, I did a small experiment, chilling the dough in the refrigerator for 4 hours before baking the first loaf and retarding the second loaf for 8 hours before baking that one. The Chef’s guidance was that a longer proofing time in the refrigerator contributes to more sour flavor. Both were great, but I think I liked the second loaf better. Here are the details.

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