Italian Flag for Breakfast

My breakfasts are fairly simple. I usually toast or pan-fry a slice or two of my sourdough bread and then smear some Trader Joe’s organic hummus on it. With a few sprinkles of Lebanese Za’atar, the toast is complete. I wash it all down, along with supplements and medication, with a glass of juice or a fruit smoothie. The final touch every morning is a single shot of fresh-brewed espresso (ristretto).

For variety I sometimes mix a batch of whipped cheeses (Feta and almond milk Ricotta) as an alternative to the hummus. At other times I make white bean purée to spread on the bread, adding chopped greens such as Swiss Chard, Spinach or Cavolo Nero.

One day recently I felt like making one piece each of these alternative toppings. Since I wanted to use up some Peruvian Piquillo Peppers, I added them to the whipped Feta cheese spread — for both taste and color. When I took my photo of the breakfast plate, I was suddenly struck by the configuration.

Buona coincidenza!

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