Shrimp Linguine with Herbs, Corn, and Arugula

This marvelous pasta dish started for me with a large batch of home-grown Spring arugula that was beginning to go to seed. I pulled off all the good leaves, washed and dried them, and saved them for something I could make that looked appealing.

Enter this recipe from NYT Cooking:

I made a few minor adjustments: frozen corn from last year’s harvest, less butter, no red-pepper flakes, and added green garlic and scallions. It was easy to prepare, quick to cook, and delicious to eat. The wine was a bottle of California 2020 Vermentino from Birichino, my favorite new winery on the Left Coast. This was part of their 6-pack Spring shipment. If my math is right, the two barrels produced totaled only 600 bottles. I was very happy to have one of them.

This pasta dish will definitely be part of my regular repertoire.

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