Crispy Baked Fish with Tartar Sauce

This dinner was one of my first experiences with Pollack, a whitefish which I always deemed inferior to flounder, fluke, and sole. However, with the help of my primary fish advisor, Chris — I was able to make a delectable and easy supper with a couple of pollack fillets.

The key element was Chris’ advice to cut off the dark colored layer of fish on the bottom side of the fillet. This “bloodline” has a strong flavor that many do not appreciate, so with a freshly-sharpened filleting knife, I trimmed off that layer and baked the rest — with very good results.

It was a simple dinner. I baked the fish according to this recipe, and my wife roasted potato slices and made her signature coleslaw, and dinner was on the table in 30 minutes.

Here’s the fish recipe from NY Times Cooking:

Baked Pollack

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