Unusual, Colorful, Delicious Breakfasts

For many years, all I would eat for breakfast was fruit — usually fresh on a plate, sometimes as a smoothie in a glass. It worked well, providing plenty of energy and keeping me healthy. In the past few years, I’ve expanded the choices quite a bit, and I wanted to share with you some recent delights.

Fruit is still a great option, especially in early summer. Here’s a colorful array of fruits.

Another favorite over the years is a plate of high-quality smoked salmon on toast, with or without cream cheese. We recently had a shipment from Russ & Daughters in NYC, and they have the best smoked fish anywhere, in my opinion. Here’s a breakfast featuring their Gaspé Bay smoked salmon, accessorized with thinly-sliced red onion, capers, and lemon — all on sourdough toast.

On the fish theme, I was inspired recently by Sven Fish, a vendor at a local farmer’s market (in Hudson, MA). I’m very particular about the quality, provenance, and suppliers of the fish we eat, so after a good set of answers about this vendor’s sources and processes, I decide to try a small fresh tuna steak. What does this have to do with breakfast?? Well, one morning I decided to try a very simple recipe for breakfast from Cucina Rustica, one of my very favorite cookbooks. It was amazing! And easy!

Here is the recipe. I recommend it for any meal, even breakfast.

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