Krasi – Meze & Wine

One of my favorite haunts for food and wine is Eataly Boston. It has excellent selections of some of my favorite Italian foods. It’s a large store, and it is often crowded, so as one who despises crowds (even BEFORE the pandemic), I pick and choose my times to go there carefully. My top two choices are (1) holiday mornings when they are open, (e.g. Labor Day), and (2) Sunday mornings between 9 and 10 AM, when they have just opened. Another benefits of those choices is that I can usually park on the street, very close by, for free!

My last visit was Sunday two weeks ago, and I picked up superb cheeses, prosciutto, radicchio Treviso, and my favorite hot pepper tarallini. My plan was to go from there to a wine store in Chestnut Hill that I like (but don’t go near often). That store opened at noon on Sunday, so there was an opportunity to go to a Greek restaurant across the street from Eataly — Krasi Boston. I’ve been looking for a chance to try it, but they are open for dinner every day at 5 pm and brunch only on Saturday and Sunday.

I arrived not long after they opened, and the best seat was at the end of the bar, near the door (social distancing, as always).

I interacted with two servers behind the bar, one about food, and the other — for wine. The food choice was easy:

saganaki fried egg, kasseri, feta, boukovo (crushed red pepper flakes), cherry tomatoes, barley rusk $14

The wine selection was a bit more complicated, but the server — Tasha — was up to the task of dealing with a fussy customer like me. After she provided some tastes of a couple of candidates, I settled on a special Assyrtiko she recommended, and it was perfect!

It was a flavorful, successful interval, and I had plenty of time for my next stop at Winestone. Krasi is the kind of meze place I love, so I will return when I can.

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