Octopus, Potato, and Green Bean Salad

The novelty of having tender, cooked octopus resting comfortably in a bowl of olive oil in the refrigerator — ready to be turned into a meal in a flash — has not yet worn off.  Today’s version was inspired by this recipe which was in The Sardinian Cookbook I purchased last Fall:

Of all the ways I cook and eat this mollusk, my favorite technique usually involves grilling.  I used the basic idea of the recipe above, after having used my gas grill on two tentacles, before I incorporated the slices into the salad.  Two other modifications: lemon juice instead of white wine vinegar, and served still warm, rather than the cold salad as described.  (I did chill the leftovers, so I’ll sample that tomorrow.)

You will note that I also grilled a slice of my Field Blend #2 bread to accompany the dish.  It is interesting that I had opened a bottle of Argiolas Vermentino from Sardinia last night, and it was perfect with this dish.

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