My Go-To Tofu Dish for Red Wines

Most of the time, when I think about what I will make for dinner, I have in mind matching a full-bodied, fruity red wine — from grapes such as Garnacha, Aglianico, Syrah, etc.  Being a vegan this past year has made the choice a bit more of a challenge.  I’m happy to say that I’ve successfully adapted tofu recipes I found online.  Here is my go-to dish for this purpose, Grilled Orange Thai Chili Tofu.

Even the best tofu — fresh, organic, non-GMO — has the personality and charm of a foam pillow.  This year I have learned how to press out the water and marinate this high-protein, adaptable flavor-carrier to go with many of my favorite wines and to be the base of a fine meal.  The recipe below serves 2-3 people, and we scaled it successfully by a factor of six for a recent dinner party.

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2 Responses to My Go-To Tofu Dish for Red Wines

  1. judy seinfeld says:

    can’t wait to try it….I had the ginger soy Tofu at San Ysidro Ranch and it was five star!


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