Bread and Flowers

This has been an extraordinarily warm Spring.  Beyond the obvious advantages of lower home heating bills and reduced snowplowing and shoveling, there are some other goodies, too.  The warm air brings on the flowers, and it also helps my dough rise.

This ever-so-brief post will highlight the colors and textures of those two benefits.

Crocuses or croci…that is the question.  Since my last Latin class was 55 years ago, we will go with the former.  Regardless of the spelling, the brilliant colors peeking through the soil in March is an indication of the rebirth and renewal that is Springtime.

It was also a time to make another round of Tartine bread, and I chose to do another of the olive-walnut breads I shared with you earlier.  Made of 80% King Arthur organic bread flour and 20% home-milled whole wheat, this bread is filled with chunks of organic Rancho La Viña walnuts from near Santa Barbara, and three kinds of olives – both green and black.  Color, texture and taste continue to please us.  I cook two boules, one to eat right away, the second to freeze for two weeks and consume then.

To complete the hedonistic pleasures of the season, we open a bottle of 2010 Pacherhof Kerner, a deliciously floral white wine from the Alto Adige.  Not widely available, you can find it at Acker Merrall Wines in NYC, and they will ship at a reasonable price.  Just ask for Marc.   Salut!

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