Spring Onions

I’m never quite sure what to do with Spring Onions, those smallish onions that look like large scallions with bigger bulbs. I do like the brightness of the flavors, and this past year, I actually grew some of them in my little herb garden. Here’s a good description of how to take an onion which has been too long in your onion basket and has started to sprout:


Here’s what they look like in my herb garden today:

Here’s what they look like in my herb garden

A few days ago I pulled up three of these onions, and I cleaned them and cut them into green sections and bulbs. They sat in the refrigerator until last night, when I decided to try a new recipe with them, using the sea scallops from my weekly Vermont-based provisioner — Farmers to You.


Neither of us likes Tarragon, so as I adapted the recipe to our tastes — rice milk, less flour, cream instead of crème fraiche — I substituted fresh lemon thyme for tarragon. For accompaniment I made some mixed rices and freshly-delivered Swiss Chard leaves, cooked with chopped garlic. The results were terrific.

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