No, that’s not the name of a new Italian sports car. It’s actually a member of the Broccoli family, but it looks more like Kale, and I just learned how to cook it properly.

this is a photo from the internet, Spigarello in raw form

Like many of my favorite greens from the South of Italy, this vegetable takes kindly to bold flavors. I found a superb recipe by Mark Peel, chef-owner of Campanile restaurant in Los Angeles.

I decided to make it for lunch today, pairing it with some leftover grilled Spanish Mackerel, coated with a Blackened Fish spice mixture. A drizzle of fresh lemon juice on the fish, a plate of cooked Spigarello, and a glass of white wine from Liguria, and all was right with the world for at least two hours.

Spigarello, blackened Mackerel, and sautéed potatoes

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