Pasta Trenette

This post is about Pasta Trenette from Liguria, Italy — a delicious vegetarian linguini-like dish with pesto, potatoes and green beans.  Why?  The reason is that I found a box of Trenette pasta in a far corner of my pantry.  And why was I in that far corner?  I was searching for some accessories to my espresso machine, because my old one was not working, and I was giving it to my friend, Gemma, on Sunday, in hopes that she would be able to get it fixed at a reasonable cost and then use it as happily as I did for 13 years.  That’s why I made the dish yesterday for dinner.

The recipe I liked best from several that were similar was from a blog by Tori Avey.

Here’s the link to her recipe.  What I found intriguing about it is that the potatoes and green beans are cooked together in a pot.  Then they are removed, and I use the same pot to cook the pasta.  The dish is finally assembled in a serving bowl, in which the pesto sauce was made by mixing an Italian pesto (preferably with Ligurian basil as its main constituent), with hot pasta water.

It was easy and delicious.  For me, they key to its success was the quality of the Pesto Genovese, supplied by Gustiamo.

The wine was an old favorite, Minutolo from Polvanera.  It’s from Puglia, a long way from Liguria, but a good match nonetheless.

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  1. says:

    Oh delish! Pesto Pasta is my favourite. Thank you! 😊

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