The Next-to-Last Meal from the Spanish Octopus — Greek-Style

Lunch on Friday was a simpler affair with my friend, the octopus.  I decided to minimize the cooking, so I did what one might do for lunch in Greece, with these tentacles on hand.  I gathered up typical side dishes for such a meal — a little leftover cole slaw, a chunk of Feta cheese, some olives, a wedge of lemon, slices of grilled country-style bread, Shishito peppers, and a bottle of the best Assyrtiko wine from Santorini.   Then I grilled a large octopus leg, added good Greek olive oil, and sat down to a satisfying lunch.

Thursday (the previous night) was also my night to cook.  Just for the record, I prepared a meal of Linguine with Roasted Butternut Squash, sun-dried tomatoes, Shiitake mushrooms, and a sauce made with mushroom broth and hot water from the cooked pasta.

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