Grilled Halloumi and Vegetable Skewers

I find many Greek dishes extremely satisfying: elemental, flavorful, and uncomplicated.  A good example is the recipe I made for lunch today:

Fortunately, since it’s the day after Thanksgiving, all was quiet and I had time for the prep work and cooking.  I did about half of quantities for the recipe above.  All went smoothly, and the hot gas grill did a fine job.  There were two small alterations in my version.  One was the addition of a grilled and peeled Poblano pepper from Small Farm.  I figured the grill was already hot, so why not roast it at the same time?.  (You can see it on the top right in the grill photo.)  The other was the choice of Ibiza sea salt to heighten all the flavors, which it accomplished admirably.

The wine choice was easy: we already had a white wine open in the refrigerator, I thought it would be a very good match, and it had Greek characters on the label — even though it was a 2010 Venezia Giulia from Friuli region of Italy, adjacent to the Slovenian border.  It turned out to be especially compatible with the charred pieces of Halloumi.  Who knew?

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