Catching Up — Part 2

Turnip – Potato Gratin with Bok Choy

October had some pretty good meals.  The Small Farm featured in many of those.  One of the  better ones combined a Potato  – Turnip Gratin with young Bok Choy, cooked nicely in my old Chinese wok.  It was umami-heaven.

The wine for this combination may surprise you.  I chose a 2016 Domaine Ilarria from Irouleguy, in the Basque region of France.  Outstanding wine, and a perfect match.

The next day for lunch, I added some rich Rancho Gordo beans to the Bok Choy.  We also had some leftover eggplant-tomato tapas and a packaged ravioli of Braised Moroccan Chickpeas and Carrots from Valicenti pasta in Hollis, NH.

Fall Vegetable Medley

Another variant of the use-all-the -farm-fresh-vegetables and take advantage of the hammered steel pan was this Fall Vegetable Medley.

In the meantime Autumn marched on through our town and the conservation land across the street from our driveway.


One day in October we were blessed with farm spinach and fresh almond milk ricotta from Kite Hill at Whole Foods.  Immediately, I leaped into action, making my own pasta and turning that into a vegan Cannelloni, with a side dish of roasted salad turnips and Romano beans.

Lunch at Eataly

On days when I am in the city for classes, I will often go to Eataly Boston for Italian specialties, especially sheep milk cheeses, pastas, and some produce items.  Sometimes I stay for a quick lunch, such as this one with Burro e Alici and a Mushroom Ravioli.

Other Meals, My Own and Out to Eat

Here are photos of some of the rest of October and November dining.

Fava Bean and Squash Fritter Sandwich at Loyal Nine in Cambridge

My own Celery Risotto per Marcella Hazan

Cavatelli at Catalyst

Lunch Menu at Loyal Nine

Taking out the morning’s compost to the pile

Blue Cod at Catalyst, Cambridge

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