Japanese Herb Tofu and American Vegetables

Barbara tends to like a traditional-style American meal, with three things on the plate: protein, starch and vegetable.  Since we don’t eat meat anymore, and fish is infrequent,  I had to ad-lib the other day, but it worked out well.

First step was two cook two baked potatoes.  Preheat the oven to 425º F.   Wash and scrub two russet potatoes, and rub the skins with a little softened butter.  Bake in the oven while you do other things.

The protein was provided by an interesting food blog about healthy Japanese home cooking.  She provided a nice PDF with visual instructions on how to make cubes of tofu, flavored with a variety of herbs.  I had no dried dill, so I used 1 tsp. dried marjoram.  Here is how it looked in my nonstick pan.

We had some superb organic green beans, so that made the vegetable choice easy and colorful.  Cooked in salted boiling water, then drained.  Finally, they were finished with a little butter or olive oil, and some packaged dried onions.

The baked potatoes were opened and stuffed with butter or olive oil, plus chopped scallions and watercress.  And, for variety and interest, I heated up a bunch of Gaeta olives in olive oil, with herbs, as a side dish.

So traditional, and not so much at the same time.

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