Barbara’s Culinary Artistry — revised on February 9th

I actually do about half or less of the cooking.  Barbara is a superb and prolific cook in her own right.  Tonight was all hers.

I went to an afternoon movie (Tuesday is special pricing – $6), so I was out of the way and she could unleash her creativity.  She had recently sorted through years of recipes ripped out of magazines, newspapers, and other sources, and she had assembled a large collection of recipes that appealed to her.  These are still in the process of being indexed, but she was inspired by two of the recipes which she modified for dinner tonight.

The first dish was a Zucchini and Fresh Goat Cheese Tart.  [Please note that the wrong recipe was provided when initially posted.]  The dish was amazing!

Although inspired by this recipe for the salad, she made one that was a lot better, and quite different.  Hers featured Watercress, Endive, Shaved Fennel, Orange segments, Radishes, and an orange-olive oil dressing.

Visually, texturally, healthwise and for flavor, the meal was a huge winner.  I did get to make one choice — the wine.  I went to the white wine open at the time, a Famoso Ravenna, imported by Nick Mucci, and it was a perfect match, with both the tart and the salad, and especially with the goat cheese.  At least one department is still mine alone.

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