Study — A Restaurant in Cambridge

Last month I met a friend for lunch in Cambridge.  She told me “Ames Street Deli“.  There is such a place, and I later found out how good it is when I had an early morning breakfast there a few weeks later.  But she actually meant Study Restaurant, which is adjacent to the deli; same management, same kitchen.

We had a fine meal, artfully prepared and served, and I couldn’t pass up a chance to share it with you.  I had a beautiful squash salad and a roasted cauliflower plate.  Eileen had a perfectly-made piece of Arctic Char, served with vegetables and a tasty sauce.

squash salad IMG_2076 roasted cauliflower plate

Eileen's Char

One irony: she is in the wine business.  As we talked during the meal, she picked up one of the pads of paper and pencils provided for the ‘students’ (i.e. diners).  As she opened it to write something, we found this little sketch from a previous diner:

drink more wine

This is definitely a place for return visits!

Preset Style = Luminous Format = 6" (Medium) Format Margin = None Format Border = Straight Drawing = #2 Pencil Drawing Weight = Medium Drawing Detail = Medium Paint = High Contrast Paint Lightness = Normal Paint Intensity = Less Water = Cherenkov Blue Water Edges = Medium Water Bleed = Average Brush = Fine Detail Brush Focus = Everything Brush Spacing = Wide Paper = Watercolor Paper Texture = Medium Paper Shading = Light Options Faces = Enhance Faces

Waterlogue version

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