Lower-Temperature Pizzas and Almost Vegan Lasagne

After our experience with the Orange and Olive Pizza at Osteria Pane e Salute, we were eager to try making pizza in our pizza oven with the lower temperatures suggested by Caleb.  I did not go quite as low as he did (more like 550º vs. 465º).  Since this was new and could possibly be a failure, I also prepared a small amount of pizza dough (a la Chris Bianco), rather than screw up the good 50% whole wheat crusts Barbara makes, so we could be sure of a good dinner, even if the experiment failed.

Not to worry; it worked very well, and we had plenty of both (including an orange and olive version), although the photos are just my mis-shapen white flour slices:

IMG_3290 with zucchini, olives and mushrooms_

Not long after this, I wanted to capitalize on fresh wild mushrooms and greens from the farmers market, plus the superb Kite Hill vegan Ricotta cheese, made from almonds.  The result was an almost-vegan baked lasagne (we used a little grated parmesan).  The dish also required some Bechamel, and Barbara was able to make a nice vegan version, adapting the recipe below.  Here are the results of that effort:

vegan bechamel baked lasagne out of oven slice of lasagne on the plate slice of lasagne out of pan Terra Damia Calabria Vino Rosso


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