Various June Culinary Delights

June was a cornucopia of food pleasures.  The farmers markets were in full-swing, so fresh vegetables were plentiful and attractive.  Here is a sampling of the goodies.


A smooth, savory nut cheese — pure vegan and delicious


Scallion nut cheese on steamed beets and salad


Baked casserole of various summer squashes, with bread crumbs and feta cheese

red leaf

red-leaf lettuce salad

radishes with sea salt

radishes with sea salt

eggplant primo

eggplant and tomato antipasto

Damijan Ribolla Gialla-2

outstanding orange wine from Friuli — Ribolla Gialla

dinner table with Refosco

dinner with Refosco from Friuli

smoked salmon and beets for lunch-2

smoked salmon and beets for lunch — on homemade multigrain bread with roasted peppers and seaweed salad

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