Vegetarian Potato Vegetable Strata

Interestingly, Barbara and I were both thinking about a layered potato vegetable dish for dinner.  Fortunately, while I was thinking, she was creating and cooking.  It came out wonderful.  Two eggs and a bit of cheese, and we were vegetarian instead of vegan tonight.  Here is the recipe in two parts (each side of the recipe card):

Recipe pg 1 Recipe pg 2


It takes quite awhile to prep and then bake, so we were starved when it was ready to eat.  Fortunately, it was well worth the wait.

in the loaf pan-2 pc 1 pc 2


The wine was another gem from Jan D’Amore, a delicious, natural wine from Ancarani, a 2011 Centesimino, another of those little-known but superb grape varieties I love so much in Italy.

Centesimino Ravenna Centesimino


I had actually opened the wine last night, to go with a pasta dish I made.  It was a relatively simple but satisfying dish.  I sautéed in sequence garlic, onions and leeks, Cremini and Portobello mushroom chunks, carrots and zucchini batons, celery batons, some leftover Controne white beans, and a little plum tomato to pull it all together.  Then I cooked some high quality penne rigate while the sauce simmered.  Finally, I tossed the cooked pasta into the saucepan, added 1/2 cup of the pasta water and simmered two more minutes.  The woodsy mushroom-tomato-vegetable sauce was complemented perfectly by the Centesimino.

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