Farewell, March

A heavy teaching schedule and a very bad cold knocked me off the blogging airways for most of this month.  To tell you the truth, March has never been my favorite month — or even close to it.  So I bid it farewell and provide you some glimpses of food highlights, what few there were.

Asparagus with Pine Nuts and Roasted Wild Mushrooms

asparagus mushrooms and pine nuts-19

Light Supper at Taberna de Haro — Setas a la Plancha and Pisto Manchego

supper at Taberna de Haro-53

Leftovers for Lunch

leftovers for lunch-16

Bean Crema and Tomato Soup,

Zucchini, Shitake and Ginger Risotto

soup and risotto on stove-22 zucchini mushrooms sofrito-59

Today’s Lunch:  My Own Pan-Roasted Walnut Levain Bread, with Greek Roasted Red Peppers, Cashew Cheese, Amfisa Olives, and a fine, old Brunello

walnut levain = bread & wine-22 walnut levain red pepper and cashew cheese-09-2 open face luscious-11 Brunello-14

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