New Year’s Day Lunch

2014 — time to celebrate the prettiest label and best white wine of the year.

2010 Spungola Bellaria

Ah, yes, you are absolutely right; the year is only 14 hours old.  Nonetheless, this lovely wine from the Pignoletto grape in Emilia-Romagna was a delight for my first lunch of the year.  It consisted of three slices of my multigrain bread (all that remained of the last loaf), pan-fried in olive oil, and topped with fresh Chanterelles mushrooms, sautéed in the usual manner, i.e.. #1 olive oil, #2 vegetable stock, # 3 white wine, finished with salt, pepper, herbs and parsley.  I saved the last bite for the camera and you, my faithful readers.  Thank you, Matt, at The Wine Bottega in Boston, for the wine recommendation..

mushrooms and bread

mushrooms and bread-3

wine glass and bottle

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