Sciaccarellu and Niellucchiu

No, that’s not the name of a Washington, DC, law firm, nor is it a new circus act in Vegas.  They are actually two new grapes to my tasting repertoire, components (70% and 30 % respectively) of a 2010 Faustino Ajaccio red wine from Corsica.  This wine, which I bought last Spring from Kermit Lynch in Berkeley, was the accompaniment to today’s lunch — Tagliarini with Sweet Onion, Leek, Fennel and Portobello — leftovers from lunch yesterday.  Just for fun, the pasta was topped with a simple Seared Maitake Mushroom, a new technique for me and a wonderful addition to my mushroom-making options.

Ajaccio front (1 of 1)

Ajaccio back (1 of 1)

pasta plate and wine bottle (1 of 1)

pasta plate with Maitake (1 of 1)

How much did I like it?  The verdict is below:

verdict (1 of 1)

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